Ten Day You Challenge: Loves

December 15, 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s especially a happy Wednesday for me… my hubby flies in tomorrow! Tonight will be the last night I have to spend without him. :)

Before I get started on our second day of the Ten Day You Challenge, I wanted to show you all my new haircut. I got it cut spontaneously this evening and I absolutely love it!

Excuse the no makeup =X Today was a lazy day!

And these are in no particular order…

1. My husband, Nick

2. My family

3. Susie

4. Sam

5. My pledge class, fall 2007!

6. Sweet tea

7. Chocolate

8. J. Crew

9. Twitter (@observantturtle)

10. Music (all the stuff on this collage plus much more…)

This is just the short list of all of the things I love. See you tomorrow for my eight fears!

P.S. Sorry for all of the wedding picture spam… should I do a post all about my wedding? Let me know what you think!

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