Ten Day You Challenge: Eight Fears

December 16, 2011

Only one more day until the weekend, everyone! We know what that means (for me at least)…. graduation!! I will finally be a college graduate :)

Picked up the hubs from the airport today. We both had super goofy smiles on our faces for hours afterwards. We made it through living apart for a whole semester! He’s sitting beside me now and just said “don’t you need to update your blog?” What a sweetheart.

One more thing before I go on to the challenge today… if you could just a take a minute and click “join” to the right to follow my blog, I would really appreciate it! Once I start getting a larger reader base, I hope to start doing giveaways. I just need a way to keep track :) Thanks!

Eight Fears (in no particular order):
8. Spiders
7. Darkness
6. Clowns (this is a new once, discovered after I watched Zombieland… *shudder*)
5. Needles (I didn’t get my ears pierced until my 21st birthday)
4. Enclosed spaces
3. Pain (honestly, any kind really. Childbirth will be fun… not.)
2. Flying (I’ve done it often, but it freaks me out every time)
1. Vomiting (I know, weird one. I haven’t gotten sick since I was in the 11th grade and I don’t want to any time soon!)
I’ll be back tomorrow for the next round! Have a great Friday!
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