#TakeOutTakeout Challenge – No Eating Out for Two Weeks!

January 3, 2017

It’s 2017 and that means posts about resolutions, words of the year and ways that people intend to change their habits in the new year. I’ve never been good at resolutions, and let’s be honest, who actually is? Last year I decided that my motto for 2016 would be to “talk less, smile more” and although it took awhile, I do that I ended the year embracing this wholeheartedly.

This post isn’t really a plan for 2017, but instead for the first two weeks. You see, Nick and I go out to eat A LOT. We have this awesome huge new kitchen in our new house but haven’t really taken advantage of it in the first month of living there. Instead, we get take out or go out to eat probably at least 3 nights a week, which is way more than I’d like. And when it comes to lunches? We hardly ever eat at home. In fact, in December 2016 we spent over $900 on eating out. This is not okay.

Last week I stumbled upon an article from Refinery29 about a writer who tried a #TakeOutTakeout challenge for two weeks, meaning that every meal that she consumed came from her kitchen. It inspired me to try this on my own because let’s be real — trying something like this for a whole month is a little daunting. Two weeks might be a little bit more manageable.

So, starting tomorrow, January 4, 2017, Nick and I plan to only eat food we make at home for two whole weeks. I went to the grocery store yesterday with my meal plan and grocery list in hand, hoping to get ready for this challenge. Here’s what I planned to make for the week and some other points about the challenge:

– I planned for meals for Wednesday – Saturday, with another grocery trip planned for Saturday. Meals include burgers, stuffed shells, black bean burrito bowls and chickpea curry.

– Lunches should consist of leftovers and sandwiches (turkey, tuna, and PB&J).

– Snacks I purchased include baby carrots, oranges, and ingredients to make The Pioneer Woman’s homemade salsa (the best recipe).

– We already had cereal for breakfast at home, but I also purchased some croissants to make breakfast sandwiches. I’m not a huge breakfast eater but we will see how this goes…

– This is going to be hard. I’m not going to lie to you and say I haven’t already thought about how I can cheat because I totally have. (For example, the Golden Globes are on Sunday and I really want to order a pizza. Instead, I’m going to make my own!)

So, if you’re interested in following along with me, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I’ll be using the hashtag #TakeOutTakeout. And heck, if you’re interested in participating in the challenge, I’d love the support! I’ll make sure to follow along on your journey as well.


Do you think you could resist going to a restaurant for two whole weeks? What do you think would be your biggest weakness?

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