Statement Pieces: Giveaway!

May 7, 2012
Today’s post is all about incorporating statement pieces into your wardrobe.
Some people hear the words “statement piece” and immediately run in the opposite direction. A few months ago, I probably wouldn’t blame them! But after being exposed to outfits upon outfits on blogs and Pinterest, I decided to pony up and be a big girl. I’ve incorporated multiple statement pieces into my wardrobe and feel so much more confident when I wear them.
(I apologize for the terrible phone in a mirror picture. I’ve got to use my real camera more…)
These are two of my favorite statement pieces that I own.
1) Sasha Rhett Watch
2) Coral pants from Old Navy
The watch has two different colored straps: turquoise ostrich and tangerine snakeskin. Being a double wrap watch, it’s much different than other watches and brings a pop of color to my outfit. The coral pants are very much a trend right now, but what’s a statement piece if not something that turns heads? I love these pants and they make me feel so playful when I wear them.
I haven’t had the nerve to try wearing a statement necklace yet, but I’m definitely going to try soon!
One of my sponsors for May, Stylish Smithereens, is an Etsy-store full of pieces that will definitely bring attention to your outfit. There are so many pretty pieces on her shop. Go check them out!
Melanie was gracious enough to offer one lucky winner two beautiful pieces from her collection!

This giveaway is now closed.

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