February 14, 2014

Today is the third Valentine’s Day that I’ve been blogging. It’s also the sixth Valentine’s Day that Nick and I have celebrated together. (Technically fifth as a couple, but I did spend the evening of 2/14/08 with him… and 15 other people.)

When Nick and I first started dating, we saw each other almost every day for two months. Once I had to go home for Spring Break, I counted down the days until I could see him again. After being together for almost six years, it still amazes me that he picked me. I know that sounds so silly, but I remember spotting him for the first time and feeling so overcome with the whole “love at first sight” thing. I never in my wildest dreams thought that one day I’d call him my husband.

Now, a thousand miles away from everything we’ve ever known, I’m so happy to have my best friend by my side. Happy Valentine’s Day, Nick.

I love this dude.
The Charley Sweater
If I Fits, I Sits (with One Kings Lane)

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