January 29, 2012
Hey everyone! I’m so sorry that I haven’t been the most active blogger lately. I had a bit of a slump but I am back!
First, I’d just like to say to my Delta Zeta girls at Winthrop: You ladies are amazing! I know that this weekend was hard work but you will be rewarded with wonderful new members and the Rho Gammas returning tonight! I love and miss you all, and I wish that I could have been there this weekend.
Now for the topic of the day: SHOPPING. I’ve had a shopping itch lately that I needed to scratch, so when a friend of mine asked me to go with her to the outlets in Houston, I just had to go! 

Holy moly. I’ve been to quite a few outlets in my time, but never have I loved somewhere so much as this one! We spent SEVEN hours here yesterday walking around, eating snacks, and discovering new stores. (I introduced my friend to the wonders of J. Crew jeans, and she introduced me to Loft.) 
I don’t know if you guys have ever been here, and if you haven’t, you need to go… NOW. They have Kate Spade (I saw a purse there for $79 with 30% off, making it $55!), Tory Burch, J. Crew factory store, Loft, Banana Republic, Gap, Michael Kors, and more. 
If only I had gone after I got my first paycheck… it would be GONE. I saw so many things that I wanted. They had so many good deals. (My friend got a pair of Tory Burch heels for $70… yes SEVENTY DOLLARS!) She also bought two purses… one from Kate Spade and one from Coach. That’s how amazing the prices were.
My friend Jeannie’s haul from yesterday. Amazing, right?!
My purchases were not as fabulous as hers, but I had to restrain myself somehow! 
Tank and cardigan: J. Crew, Trousers: Loft

Shoes: Famous Footwear, wearing my new pants!
When we were there, I could have sworn that I saw Kristin from All in my Twenties… were you there yesterday, Kristin?
I’m definitely going to participate in Rachel’s What I Wore Link-up this week. It’ll inspire me to actually get dressed my last two days of unemployment, haha.
Have you all made any great purchases lately? Have you ever been to the Houston outlets?
Have a great Sunday! xx
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