March 31, 2012
Hey everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for your kind words of encouragement over the past couple of days! For those of you who don’t know/don’t follow me on Twitter, I had to go to the ER again early Wednesday morning.
I woke up with severe pain on my right side and I was almost certain that it was my appendix. Once we got to the ER, they did another CT scan and ultrasound and didn’t see anything, so they admitted me to the hospital. I spent two days there, on a clear liquid diet (apple juice, broth, and jello… basically, hell.)
 I don’t think that they are absolutely certain of what was wrong, but they’re pretty sure it was a bladder infection that may have spread to my kidneys. I’m still having some pain in my lower right side, but I think that may just be related to…. that special time of the month.
So many of my friends in South Carolina are at the Carolina Cup today in Camden. I never went when I was in college, but I really wish that I had!
If you aren’t familiar with Cup, it’s basically the preppy event of the year. Collegians from across the South flock to Camden… oh, did I mention it’s a horse race? Many people don’t even see the horses due to the rows upon rows of tents. Many preppy companies have tents where they sell and even giveaway merchandise. Lilly Pulitzer has been tweeting pictures all day from their tent.
Speaking of preppy, I am so excited that Delta Zeta won the Vineyard Vines shirt contest!
We were so behind in votes that I had given up hope, but a friend told me yesterday that we won and I freaked out!
I have been just so discouraged by my wardrobe lately. I know that I probably have potential in my closet, but I just don’t know how to piece things together. I’m almost tempted to just take pictures of all of my clothes and let you all piece them together!
With it being so warm in Houston, it’s hard to choose an outfit that I can wear to my job.
What would you wear to a job during warm weather?
A little bit of vanity never hurt anyone...
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