People are Strange.

March 12, 2015

Yesterday was probably the weirdest day of my life. And believe it or not, the above tweet was actually the least strange thing that happened.

I don’t know what it was, but I just felt off all day. On edge, easily annoyed by everything. I just felt one notch off and couldn’t figure out how to shake it.

At lunch, I made it through the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A in record time. (Anyone who lives in the South knows it’s nearly impossible to get through the drive thru at lunchtime in less than ten minutes.) I ordered my soup and salad combo and when I was told the total, it was nearly $3 more than the menu indicated. Bwuh? After a long explanation about an upcharge for tortilla soup and me retorting that it was a little misleading that the upcharge was not indicated on the menu, I hung my head and scurried off with my salad, soup and sweet tea.

Once I got home, I was greeted to quite a sight. My poor pup Anabelle got sick. All. Over. The. House. I’ll spare you the visual, but yikes. It took ten minutes to clean that mess up, y’all. Nassss-tee.

I finally sat down with my lunch, it wasn’t long before the doorbell rang. I was expecting a package so I didn’t think anything of it. Unfortunately it was the strangest solitication that I’ve ever experience. A “student” asking for money for a school trip… in the middle of a school day? It was pushy and, not gonna lie, a little scary. I had the heebie jeebies for the rest of the afternoon.

I left work at 4 p.m. to go to a meeting, which again put me somewhere that I wasn’t used to. The meeting went well and I was on my way home by 5:15.

Finally, our Wednesday night ritual of pub quiz was upon us. After arriving at the bar, we remembered that our usual quiz master was out of town, so there was an imposter. (We missed you Jay!) Shortly after sitting down with our answer sheets, a random bar-goer sat down at our table and proceeded to make himself at home.

“So, I might not be much help but I can definitely give it my best shot,” he said. Nick and I exchanged glances, wondering if he was actually sitting down to join us.

Completely unprompted. Completely uninvited. Completely wasted.

Who does that???

Besides strange man, I’m not entirely sure what happened with the quiz, but everything seemed way easier than normal. We had multiple perfect score rounds and even doubled our score on a perfect round. We won by 17 points! Our team hasn’t gotten first place in weeks, maybe even months, so this was a welcome (yet strange) occurrence. The night was filled with giggles, mic drops and lots and lots of excited yelling. Even if the randomly creepy guy did stay at our table. THE WHOLE TIME.

All in all, it was so, so strange. But it did make me realize just how lucky I am to have such awesome friends.

strange man not pictured

What’s something that makes you irrationally angry? Do you ever just have really weird days, too?
Also, ten points to whoever gets the song reference in the title!

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