Our New Home: Kitchen (& Pinterest Project!)

July 22, 2012

I really appreciate everyone’s feedback from yesterday’s post about the living room! We’ve definitely decided to invest in curtains and will probably be purchasing a slip cover next month. I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date on our changes! I’m thinking a brown/yellow/teal color scheme… what do you think?

Along with a few other things, the kitchen is the one thing about the apartment that I couldn’t stop thinking about after we saw it! I fell in love with the dark wood cabinetry, the faux granite countertops, and the window over the sink. It felt so open and we loved that I’d be able to see into the living room.

Sorry… dirty dishes… what can you do?!

Seriously, how cute are those?!

There’s a reason that I’m showing you a blank wall…

Note the many different photobooth strips: we got those from a bridal show! Lots of Delta Zeta magnets, Wizard of Oz magnet, and of course, a magnet with wine pairings.

Now, here’s the part about the Pinterest project. Last night I was feeling super crafty and I remembered these adorable printables that I found a few months ago. I sent them off to Walgreens to be printed (8 x 10) and found a 2-pack of frames from Target to match.

I also found these adorable mini-laterns, candle, and serving tray on clearance at Target.

Now I have all of these cute pieces but not a clue where to put them!

Any advice?

One Year Later.
Our New Home: Living Room

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