Our New Home: Bedroom

July 28, 2012

Your suggestions have been so helpful for our kitchen and living room, so now I’m posting our bedroom! I can’t wait to see what you all have to suggest.

You can see where Anabelle’s crate is… I moved it for the pictures!

Door to the left is the bathroom, which is way too messy right now to show! The gold blanket is what we call “Susie’s blanket.” She’s pretty attached to it.

Had to take a picture of the princess…

Trinkets from top to bottom: a Mickey and Minnie souvenir we got from the Disney honeymoon, pictures from our wedding, my jewelry stand, a vase (wedding gift), picture of myself and my sister, a cardboard insert for Susie’s scratching post (why is that there…) and my backpack.

Yes, our tv is old.

Our bed set is Simply Vera from Kohl’s. It’s nice, but white isn’t the best color. (It’s turned yellow on the edges.)

I love that our bedroom isn’t a perfect square!

Nightstand #2: Nick’s stuff

Nightstand #2: My stuff (Kitty treat and Essie included)

So, what are your decorating suggestions for our bedroom?

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