Our Engagment Story

October 11, 2012

(Catchy title, right?)

As I’m reading other blogs of girls that are getting engaged and planning their weddings, I realize that there is so much that I wasn’t able to share with you all since I started blogging about 3 months after I got married. So today, I’d like to share with you my engagement story. It’s exactly what I wrote on my Facebook after I announced our engagement (after my candle passing, of course!)

“In celebration of our two year anniversary, Nick planned a
surprise trip to Charleston for the two of us. Little did I know, I was
in for the weekend of my life.

On Friday, he told me around noon
to pack our bags for the weekend, and get dressed. He had to go run
some errands and said he would be back shortly. I had no idea that he
was going to pick up the engagement ring.

About halfway to our destination, I correctly guessed the location, and was ecstatic. He had fooled me!

We spent the night having dinner at Charleston Crab House and lounging in the hotel room preparing for the next day. 
next morning we woke up, skipped breakfast, and headed out to King
Street to go shopping. We had a wonderful lunch at the Mellow Mushroom
and spent the day just sightseeing and enjoying each other’s company.

went to Vickery’s on Mt. Pleasant for dinner, and watched the sun set
as we ate our delicious dinner. After dinner, Nick drove down to
Sullivan’s Island to see the ocean.

It was freezing, and just
after dusk. With a beautiful light house in the background, we walked
onto the beach. We had no idea that the beaches down there weren’t best
suited for nighttime strolls. Still, we looked out at the ocean and Nick
held me tight.

He looked at my right hand, admiring the small ring that he gave me as a token on his love on our 6-month anniversary.

He said “You’re wearing it on the wrong hand.”

I laughed and said, “Oh, shut up!” He reached into his coat pocket… and the water works began.

that had happened the previous week suddenly made sense. The looks he
was giving me, all the talk of my beautiful jewelery that had been given
as gifts previously…

He got down on one knee on the sandy beach and asked “will you marry me?”

I could barely muffle out a yes, so I just continued to cry.

He laughed and asked me, “So does that mean yes?”

I giggled and said, “Duh, of course!”

He held me and I was so giddy.

was so completely out of nowhere, but somehow I knew. I could feel it
in the atmosphere of the beach that something big was about to happen.”

I look like a bumblebee and we both had been crying so much!

Have you shared your engagement story? 
Who was the first person you told/will tell after you got/get engaged?

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