Our Disney Honeymoon: Day Two

June 13, 2012

Here it is: day two of our Disney honeymoon! (Did you miss our first day at the Magic Kingdom?) We spent the second day at Epcot, complete with a trip around the world!

Yay for the official Disney photographers all over the park!
We skipped breakfast this morning, so the first thing we wanted to do was eat lunch! Before we decided on our lunch from China, we decided to take a quick trip to England….

And France…

Oh, and Norway too!

(I honestly cannot remember where this was in Epcot but I HAVE to have this shirt.)
Once we enjoyed lunch, we rode a few rides including Test Track (a high speed ‘road course’) and Spaceship Earth. Yes, the huge golf ball thing actually has a name!

(I won’t show you the pictures of us making fun of the slow pokes walking in front of us… we’re mean people.)

We spent the afternoon jetsetting around the world. See if you can spot which countries we visited!

(I’ve been to see the real thing! and yes, we’re silly)

Inside of this building you can actually look up your family’s coat of arms and heritage. I love that kind of stuff!

(my favorite picture of Nick– isn’t he handsome?!)
I FREAKED OUT when we saw Marie in “France.” She’s my favorite!!

Nick ordered our crepes in French! Om nom nom.

Visiting Nick’s place of birth! Can you guess what it is?

 We’re silly people! I just realized how haggard I look. It was super hot, okay?

 I couldn’t get up close to Mulan. This was the best I could get, but it came out pretty cool!

 Love his face.

We ate dinner at the San Angel Inn in “Mexico.” It’s inside of an Aztec temple with a “live” volcano. Very cool and moody!

Come back tomorrow to see the fun we had at the Animal Kingdom!

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