Our Disney Honeymoon: Day Three

June 14, 2012
** This is part three in a series about our honeymoon that took place back in July of 2011. (Part one, part two) We are not at Disney World right now, even though we wish we were! **
The third day of our honeymoon was a little rocky. We planned to go to the Animal Kingdom this day, but woke up to cloudy skies and a bit of drizzle. We decided that it was probably a good thing and took off on the shuttle anyway!
(P.S. Nick was SUPER excited for this particular park. He loves animals so it was right up his alley! Be prepared for LOTS of pics!)
Yay official Disney photogs!

There were animals EVERYWHERE. It’s seriously like a zoo with rides, guys.  Nick was really excited… as you can see….

As soon as we got to the park, we rushed to get in line for the most popular ride, Expedition Everest. I was more than a little nervous since I do not do rollercoasters and Space Mountain was a BUST.

Needless to say… we waited in line for 2 HOURS to ride this. I almost killed some kids before we made it to the end, I swear. Thankfully, the line was wrapped around what was designed to look like a Tibetan monastery and Yeti museum. Pretty cool stuff!

It ended up being a pretty cool ride… even if I did have my eyes closed the entire time!

Animal Kingdom also has an entire section dedicated to dinosaurs. The hubby was happy yet again!

I was trying to make a Lady Gaga claw… it didn’t work out.
The Dinosaur ride was really bumpy and a little scary! The poor little kid in my car was crying. I felt so bad for her. (I was crying a little inside too!)
The Tree of Life is so beautiful. There’s even a 4D show about A Bug’s Life that you can see below.

Towards the end of our day, the skies opened up. Luckily we were in (a covered) line for Kilamenjaro Safaris, a bus ride where you get to see lots of live animals! Is your favorite animal listed here?

The elephant was dancing for us!
My favorites!

After the “safari” you can walk through a zoo-like area with fish and gorillas!

(I bet Nick that he wouldn’t put his foot up there… I was wrong.)

The entire place was really beautiful. It had lots of trees everywhere and all of the structures looked very authentic! (The park is split up into Africa, Asia, and Dinoland USA.)

Stay tuned for the last part of our honeymoon: our trip to Hollywood Studios!
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