Our Disney Honeymoon: Day Four (&Happy Father’s Day!)

June 17, 2012

Before I get on to sharing our final day at Disney, I want to just say Happy Father’s Day to my dad! I love you, Daddy! Thanks for being my biggest cheerleader throughout my whole life. I appreciate it more than you know.

(me trying not to cry… daddy’s not helping….)
** This is part four in a series about our honeymoon that took place back in July of 2011. (Part one, part two, part three) We are not at Disney World right now, even though we wish we were! **
The final park that we visited at Disney World was Hollywood Studios, formerly known as MGM Studios. We were super excited to see lots of things in this park… unfortunately it was the hottest day of the week and it was a little exhausting!

We did NOT ride the Tower of Terror. Nick was a little disappointed, but after a terrible experience I had on it in the 8th grade… it wasn’t happening. (Read: 90 lb. girl being thrown about and almost flying out of the seat. Not cool.)

There was a caravan of cars driving along the streets, complete with 1920s dressed people and cars! It was pretty neat, very “old Hollywood.”

Even though we got our Fast Passes for this ride… Nick ended up riding without me. I chickened out. :(

There’s a ride called Star Tours in the park… needless to say my geek of a husband FLIPPED out… and I did too… a little….

 Looking up at the AT-AT.

Those WILL be our kids one day…. little younglings!
 I think I may have freaked out a little more than I should have about seeing C3PO.
 This Chewbacca backpack looks like a yorkshire terrier… they should have done an Ewok!
If you ever go to Hollywood Studios, you HAVE to go see MuppetVision 3D. It’s kind of hokey, but as huge Muppets fans, my hubby and I LOVED it. It was so funny and happy!
Another “must-see” for me is the Studio Backlot Tour. You get to see props and costumes from lots of movies; they even let you walk around the prop warehouse!
 (hard to see but it’s a pod from Star Wars!)
(and yes, this is THE costume)
 (Barbosa’s costume from POTC)
 (Davy Jones’ organ)

Yes, we ate at THE Pizza Planet! Unfortunately, the food wasn’t that good and the seating was even worse. I was a little disappointed.

In order to escape the heat, we went to watch the Indiana Jones stage show. It was very cool, even if it was my 3rd time seeing it!

We were doing just about anything by this point to stay out of the heat… there is a Chinese Theater with a “trip through the years” of movies. It was a pretty neat little ride!

 (One of the costumes from Narnia)
The last thing we did at Hollywood Studios was watch a car stunt show. They revealed to you some movie secrets about how certain camera angles are used and how multiple cars are used to create one scene. It was VERY loud and VERY hot, but pretty cool to see.

By this time, we were feeling like this:

So we decided to head on over to our dinner reservations in Epcot at the hibachi place in “Japan.”

 (apparently there is a rhyme and reason for each sauce… I had no idea!)
 The chef made our noodles into a heart since it was our honeymoon… how sweet! The food was AMAZING.  I absolutely loved it.
 Outside of the restaurant
Even though we were super tired, we went BACK to Hollywood Studios to see a show called “Fantasmic” (or something like that… I can’t remember!)

Lots of singing and happiness! It was the perfect ending to a very long and hot day…

So have I convinced you all to go to Disney yet? What do you want to see more of?!

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