OOTD: The Black Keys Concert

April 30, 2012
In case you don’t follow me on Twitter (which you should) and didn’t see my excitement last Tuesday, I went to my first concert in Houston: The Black Keys.
I actually found out earlier in the day that a fellow Houston blogger (and Delta Zeta) Meg was going to the concert as well. After she told me that she was going to be wearing a maxi dress, I was sold. But of course I had to go out to TJ Maxx and find a new one. 
(I am a self-proclaimed Maxxinista… seriously, I swear by this store.) 
(Also, it was a Tuesday and I usually go on Tuesdays anyway so…)

Dress: TJ Maxx ($14.99 y’all!)
Watch: Sasha Rhett (LOVE)
Wedges: TJ Maxx
I had such a great time just sitting on the grass and dancing my little heart out. 
(Although I did yell at a kid who got all hipster on me at one point… that’s a-whole-nother story.)
Here are a couple of their songs. Why don’t you join me? I’m dancing in my chair right now!
Basically they have amazing music videos too.
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