My First Trip to H&M

July 8, 2012

As a girl from a little town in South Carolina, I had never had the opportunity to experience that awesomeness that is H&M. I saw it scattered throughout the pages of fashion magazines, but never had the opportunity to go into a store.

Once I found out that they were opening not one, but two H&M stores in Houston, I got pretty darn excited! I wanted to wait a while though, once the crowds had died down, so that I could actually enjoy my time browsing the store. Last night, Nick and I trekked over to the mall to check it out!

As soon as I walked in, I found tons of adorable dresses and started grabbing them to try on.

 (totally different than anything I’d usually wear)

 (this was Nick’s favorite)

(more casual than the others)
I ended up getting:
(ignore the weird tummy bump in the mirror on the left, 
no idea what’s going on there…)

(yeah, I look super frumpy in this….)
I was really pleased with my purchases and definitely plan on going back!
How would you style these dresses? Have you ever been to H&M?
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