My first OOTD!

April 19, 2012
Something big is happening….
I’m doing an Outfit of the Day post!
This has never happened before! In fact, I purchased a floor length mirror for the sole purpose of doing this.
The other day I worked an evening shift due to a community forum that my office was in charge of, meaning we had to be a little more dressy than usual.
(Please ignore my weird face. This was like take 23 or something because of my shaky hand.)
I really wish that you could see it a little better!
I love how tall I look (and for someone who is 5’3”, that is a nice change of pace…)
Shirt: J. Crew
Pencil skirt: The Limited
Nude heels: Target
Earrings (you can’t see…): Kate Spade
What did you wear today?
Statement Pieces: Giveaway!
It's Been a While!

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