My Favorite Trend: Polka Dots

March 13, 2013

‘Ello lovlies! I hope you’re all having a great week so far. This weekend basically consisted of me sleeping on the couch. I swear I’ve been sick for like three weeks now. I’m ovah it!

I’ve done a little shopping over the past few weeks and there seems to be a bit of a trend on almost everything that I buy: it’s all polka dots! At this very moment, I’m using my polka dots Tervis and wearing my black and white polka dot sweater. I considered wearing my polka dot dress to work today and snuggled up in my polka dot robe last night. (Wow, I just said polka dots a lot.)

Polka Dot Love

Polka Dot Love by observantturtle-wm

The thing that I love about polka dots is that while it’s such a girly print, you can dress it down too, like those red Keds. I own both of those shirts, each from Old Navy, and the scarf from Target (only mine is black with white polka dots.)
Are you a fan of this pattern?
What’s your favorite pattern to wear? 
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