My Favorite Trend: Ikat

April 18, 2012
I don’t know about y’all, but I am in love with this pattern.
I’m going to be honest though, I had no idea what it was called for the longest time! 
I had to ask Twitter for help, with no way to describe it but “messy chevron.”
But for all of you out there, I can tell you now. It’s called…
ikat or Ikkat (n): “to tie” or “to bind”, Indonesian origin.
Pronounced “i-cat” or “ee-cot”
This is a more traditional version of the pattern, but there have been so many companies who have developed products with a modern ikat pattern.
These are some of my favorites!
 Ikat Frequencies Shirtdress – $98, Anthropologie
Diamond Ikat Citrine Pillow – $72, Dwell Studio
Everett Upholstered Chair in Ikat Feather Gray – $499, West Elm
Matt & Nat Ikat-Inspired Vegan Bag – $165, Ecouterre
Have you been following this trend? 
What are your favorite ikat products?

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