My Favorite Things: Alamo Drafthouse

July 23, 2015

*Disclaimer: All opinions in this post are mine and mine alone. I did receive compensation for this post from Alamo Drafthouse, but all thoughts are mine, y’all!

For almost a year now, Nick and I have developed somewhat of an obsession. It started on our anniversary last year: we went out to dinner for our anniversary and somehow we got the topic of movies. Over dinner, we played a trivia game by giving each other hints about movies that were the highest grossing films or won best picture over the years. We even got the wait staff involved. It was silly but so fun. Shortly after that is when “The List” was born.

Since that time, we have seen more than 20 movies in theaters and countless movies at home in order to catch up on what we missed over the years. In fact, in this year alone, we’ve seen 19 movies in theaters. Needless to say, we have a bit of an obsession.

In January, we had the opportunity to see a movie (the last installment of The Hobbit franchise) at Alamo Drafthouse. It was the first time that either of us had visited and we fell in love. We’d gone to “movie tavern” style theaters before, but were less than impressed by the quality of their food and service. Although we had lunch elsewhere before seeing the movie at Alamo Drafthouse (big mistake), we still took advantage of the bottomless popcorn and soda, essentials for the movie-going experience.

Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park Houston, TX

Alamo Drafthouse Lobby Vintage Park, Houston, TX

Alamo Drafthouse Lobby Vintage Park, Houston, TX

Since our initial experience we have seen four movies at Alamo Drafthouse this year (“The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies,” “Kingsman,” “What We Do in the Shadows” and “Ex Machina”). It is by far our favorite theater to see movies in for so many reasons. I’ve already mentioned the food. It’s phenomenal. It does take a while to get out to you, but it’s because they are actually COOKING it, not thawing it out. We’ve tried everything from the pizza to the burgers and all of it in between. My favorite? The Loaded Fries. Topped with the cheese fries essentials of bacon, cheddar, sour cream and scallions but then kicked up a notch with sriracha and cilantro. The result? A savory and salty snack that rivals their delicious popcorn. I mean it when I say that Alamo Drafthouse has THE BEST popcorn I’ve ever had. They use real butter and melt it over top. Don’t like butter? You can get parmesan instead! (Did I mention it’s bottomless?)

Alamo Drafthouse Menu VIntage Park Houston, TX


Nick’s favorite part of the Alamo experience is the pre-movie video reel. Each movie has a 30 minute customized video experience themed around the the movie that captivates everyone’s attention. Where else will you see Leonard Nimoy singing about Bilbo Baggins before a movie, or Samuel L. Jackson in a skit about being a role model?

One of the most unique things about Alamo Drafthouse is the theme nights they host. They have everything from Pitch Perfect Quote-A-Longs to vintage movie screenings to (my favorite) screenings of cult classics like “Serenity.” In fact, the night that we were seeing “Ex Machina,” they had a screening of “Serenity” going on and were giving out awesome props to go along with the movie. I haven’t had a chance to do one of the theme nights yet, but I’d love to! (Blogger meetup, maybe? Come on, y’all!) Also, Alamo shows limited release movies that larger theater chains might not be showing, like “What We Do in the Shadows” or “Ex Machina.”

If there’s an Alamo Drafthouse location near you, I highly suggest signing up for their Victory Club. We very frequently get BOGO offers and special deals sent via email. We actually saw our first movie there for FREE because of Victory Weekend.

I’m already checking the list to see the next movie we’ll watch at Alamo Drafthouse… I’m thinking maybe Trainwreck? Or maybe Mr. Holmes? Either way, it’ll be awesome. (Now let’s get them to open one in The Woodlands!)

Tell me about your favorite movie-going experience. Do you prefer full-service? Is popcorn a requirement?

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