My crazy week

February 4, 2012
Hello everyone!
I have just been so busy (and EXHAUSTED) from starting my new job that I haven’t had a chance to blog recently. I hope all of you had a great week and are enjoying this lazy Saturday as much as I am.
Let me start off by saying… I LOVE my new job! I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect going from internships to an actual job in the PR world, but thankfully it hasn’t been that much of a jump. However, going from the performing arts industry to higher education has been extremely fun. 
I had the opportunity to go to two different career fairs this week as a representative from the school. It was so much fun! I loved talking to the kids (we went to middle schools, they were all so tiny!) and getting to know what they were interested in. It seems like most students wanted to grow up to be a lawyer, pediatrician, or veterinarian. It almost made me wish that I had stuck to my plan of being a teacher…
The schools treated us so well! They had breakfast, snacks, and lunch for us at both schools; I felt like a queen! If this week is any indication of what my job is going to be like, I have a feeling that I am going to be a very happy person. (Especially since my hours will be Tuesday-Friday from 9-1. How much better can you get?!)

I actually wanted to ask you all for some advice today. I have two questions for you…
1) Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I’d really like to get Nick something sweet. The problem is, he isn’t into “typical” guy stuff like sports or cologne. What are you getting for your SO? Do you have any cute ideas?
2) I am planning on having a giveaway once I reach 50 followers. What types of things do you like to see most in giveaways?
I would really appreciate any and all feedback for both of these questions! I know that I have some pretty amazing followers, so I know that y’all will help me out :)

p.s. check out Ally’s AMAZING giveaway on her blog and Faison‘s Kate Spade giveaway as well!

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