My 26th Birthday Wishlist

July 27, 2015

Yesterday marked one week until my 26th birthday. You know those obnoxious people who spend all 364 days after their birthday waiting for it to be their birthday again? That’s me. Ever since I was a kid, I loved my birthday. I loved having a day that’s all about me. I tend to blame the Leo in me for that little gem of a personality trait. (#sorrynotsorry)

This year is a little different than years past: there isn’t one “big” gift that I want. My mom is coming to visit (YAY!) so I’ll be spending my birthday with her and Nick. We’ll be exploring Houston while she’s here, and trying not to melt in this awful, awful weather. As long as I get to spend time with my family, and maybe a cookie cake with my name on it (literally), then I’ll be one happy girl.

Because of this, answering the question “what do you want for your birthday?” has been a little difficult. However, in case any of you are dying to know what I have on my list, I’ve compiled a few things that would make me a happy girl… I mean, lady…. er… woman.

My 26th Birthday Wishlist


The infinity ring I actually received in my Rocksbox this past week and I’ve worn it almost every day since. (Mine is rose gold, but I couldn’t find it on the company’s website.) If you haven’t signed up for Rocksbox yet, what are you waiting for? I’m sure you’ve heard all about it. Basically you sign up (and get a free month using code “observantturtlexoxo”) and get three pieces of jewelry sent to you. After you’re done wearing it, just send it back and get three new pieces. Can’t part with your favorite piece? You can buy it at a discount!

I’ve been searching high and low for a new phone case. When I first got my iPhone 6, there weren’t many cases out on the market. Thankfully Rifle Paper Co. has come out with so many adorable options, and I want to get my hands on this cute case!

For my birthday two years ago, my awesome husband bought me a rose gold Fossil boyfriend watch. I love it, but it’s honestly gotten a bit heavy to wear. I’d like to get something a little more dainty to wear.

I’ve never owned “expensive” sunglasses. I’m pretty sure the most I’ve ever spent on a pair was $16 (and they were from Kohl’s). Not that I necessarily “need” a pair of Raybans, but I love this style of sunglasses. I’m pretty sure my huge bug-eyed pair went out of style 5 years ago.

I’m obsessed with Jordandene, and want to own everything in their line! I wear my “Mischief Managed” tank at least once a week. I think I need to add to my collection with this Game of Thrones tank or Doctor Who undies, don’t you?

I’ve also developed somewhat of an obsession with Kendra Scott. It’s such a Texan thing that I’ve adopted with open arms. A co-worker has this Phara necklace and I decided a long time ago that it needs to be what I buy with my birthday 50% off discount (oh yeah, did y’all know that was a thing??)

Lastly, this South Carolina girl needs to rep her state here in Texas!! I’ve oggled over these t-shirts for years and I’d love to add it or one of the many South Carolina products to my closet.

There you have it! Now, I want to know, whether your birthday is tomorrow or in 11 months, what’s on your birthday wishlist?

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