Mr. Ducky, You’re the One (#BlogEverydayinSept)

September 2, 2014
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Tuesday, September 2: Tell us about your most prized possession and the history behind it.
Easter. 1992. It was my first Easter as a big sister and I’m sure I was feeling something about this new little creature in the house. I had been a big sister for almost a year. In my basket, the Easter Bunny brought me this little stuffed animal. It was a yellow duck with a hat and galoshes, and I named him “Mr. Ducky.” (Obviously Sesame Street was influential in my life as this point.)
I immediately bonded with him and he came everywhere with me. Every time I stayed overnight anywhere, he was with me. Later in elementary school, I developed his personality in stories. His name became Robert Todd Duck, named after my grandpa and father. He even made his way to college with me 15 years after I first got him.
Now, Mr. Ducky stays nice and cozy in my nightstand. Just close enough to know that he’s there. If I’m particularly upset or anxious, I snuggle him just like I used to. And I’m not even ashamed. Not one little bit.

Me, my cat, and Mr. Ducky, 2005
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