Meeting Blog Friends For the First Time

September 29, 2014

It’s such a surreal experience. Almost like meeting a character from a book that you’ve fallen in love with. You immediately recognize them when they approach you. You don’t know whether to hug or shake hands. (I’m a hugger.) You know so much about them, but you feel strange bringing up those little details that you’ve only read about online. It’s less like meeting someone for the first time, but catching up with an old friend.

I’ve met so many more ladies than the ones in the collage below but only had these saved on my computer!

From top left: Meg, Megan, Miranda, Lindsey, Betsy, AP, Meg O, Ashley, Neely, Amber, Heather, Stephanie, Caitlin & Bree  

I’ve been blogging for close to three years now and I’ve met my fair share of “internet friends” (as my husband likes to call bloggers). It’s always so exciting for me, but also extremely nervewracking. I stress out probably more than I should, reading over their blog bio page and meticulously choosing an outfit that both expresses my personality as well as makes them comfortable… all while freaking out on the inside, hoping that I come off in person the same way I do online.

I never worried about that last one until I went to Blissdom last year. Many of the girls I met (including Amber and Stephanie) told me that they were surprised by my sassiness after we talked for a few minutes. Apparently they thought I would be more reserved, but that definitely wasn’t the case. That really got me thinking, do I portray myself accurately? Am I writing in my true voice? (Perhaps that’s why I enjoy vlogging so much. I feel like I can throw in those little quips and sidebars that are a little more difficult to do while typing.)

At any rate, meeting blog friends for the first time is such an awesome thing. I love meeting new bloggers, especially when we’ve been following each other for a while. If there’s anyone out there who is in the Houston area and is interested in coming to our next Houston Blogger Social Club meetup, just let me know! The more the merrier.

Have you met blog friends in real life? What is your favorite part?

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