A Major Change

April 25, 2012
(wordy post– you’ve been warned!)

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that my life in the career department hasn’t been the most… stable since graduation.

I’m very lucky to have a gotten a job in my field (albeit part time) within a month of graduating from college. Not only is this job fun, I’ve met amazing women. The only problem… it’s part time. Sure, getting experience is great, but when you have bills to pay you can’t always settle for what you have.

I started my part-time PR job on February 1 of this year. Even then, though, I didn’t stop looking for full time work. I applied and applied and applied… and got nothing. I probably applied to over 40 jobs with no response from any of them.
At the beginning of April, I posted my frustration on Facebook about not being able to find full time work. I had been busting my butt trying to find a job but hadn’t even gotten a phone call for an interview and I was just completely out of ideas.

Well… remember how I told you guys about the magic of staying connected with your sorority? Well, I had a member of the organization post on my status, offering to help. I sent over my resume and she went over it with a fine tooth comb… and red ink. But let me tell you: that was the turning point.
After completely overhauling my resume, I spent the next few days hitting the “pavement” (aka internet…) hard looking for jobs. Last Monday on a whim, I applied for a marketing assistant position.

The next morning, I was called about an interview.

The next morning, Wednesday, I had the interview.

The NEXT morning, I was called and offered the job.

And I truly believe it was all due to me taking a hard look at my resume and making myself stand out.

Sure, it depends on what field you’re in as to the extent of what you can do to your resume, but I’m telling y’all right now… think outside of the box. I know that so many of you are about to graduate and this is probably one of the most important pieces of advice that I can give you!

I guess the main point of my post was to tell you all that…

Starting next Monday, I’ll be a marketing assistant and I could not possibly have more emotions than I do right now.

I’m scared because I want them to like me.

I’m nervous because I want to be able to do the job well.

I’m excited because it’s new and unknown.

I’m sad because I’m leaving the amazing women that I met at my part-time job.

But overall… I’m terrified because I know that I’m starting a new chapter in my adult life. All I can think is “don’t eff it up!”

I’m so thankful for all of you who were cheering me on via Twitter last week. Every single one of your messages made me that much more confident for my interview, and for that I am so so thankful!

Along with that, I’m planning on making some changes in my lifestyle. I’ve gained ten pounds since the wedding and I am determined to not let them stick around! I hope that you all can support and encourage me in my new challenge to eat right, be active, and just live a more healthy life. ‘Cause Lord knows I need the encouragement.

Hopefully next week will also be a major change for the blog as well! I’ve got an amazing blog designer, Kate, working with me right now and you all are going to LOVE what she’s come up with.

For now, let me just say thank you again and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead!

Blog Makeover
Happy birthday, hubby!

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