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January 4, 2014
New year, new do! This is the longest my hair has been since 2007…

Happy New Year everyone! I’m not normally one for resolutions for none other than the fact that I am just terrible at making them happen. But over the past few years, Nick and I have started somewhat of a tradition on New Years Day discussing what we want to work on for the upcoming year. Last year, we wanted to exercise more (I mean, who doesn’t?) Well as per usual, that didn’t happen. Is there some kind of universal law that states if you make a resolution about it, then it won’t happen? There has to be.

I’ve waited a few days to really figure out my resolutions because I don’t want this to be the case this year. I’ve read all of your posts about your resolutions for the coming year and to be honest, I’m stealing a few because they inspired me! So here we go…

1) Be a better friend. I’ve met so many ladies here in Texas, mostly through blogging. Unfortunately I’ve done a terrible job in keeping up with them. I want to really make time to see my girls this year and spend some time with them. I’m a little hard on Houston sometimes when it comes to making friends, but what have I done to earn these friends? Not much. This needs to change, for my own happiness and sanity.

2) Be a better wife. Y’all, it might be hard to tell over the blog, but I sure am one hell of a Miss Sassy Pants. I snap at the drop of a hat at my poor husband and that’s just not okay. He deserves more respect than that, and it sure isn’t the way to have a successful marriage. I need to learn how to take a deep breath and relax. We also really need to work on doing things together. We need to date again. That starts tomorrow with our trip to see the new Hobbit movie!

3) Get my butt in shape… for real this time. Whenever I tell someone that I need to get in shape, usually I hear “but you’re so skinny!” in response. Let’s just put it out there: I have gained roughly 20 lbs. since I moved to Texas and I am in no way, shape, or form in good shape. I have to walk up a flight of stairs to get to my desk at work and I get out of breath every time. Again, NOT OKAY. Tonight I splurged on a pizza for the Orange Bowl (GO TIGERS!) but tomorrow, it’s go time. No excuses.

4) Keep up with the blog! If you haven’t noticed it’s been almost a month since I posted. Only a few short weeks after relaunching the blog and promising to post 3 times a week… that obviously didn’t happen. I think limiting myself to posting on certain things has hindered me, honestly. Even though the focus of the blog will still be lists and letters, I will be incorporating other posts as well. I just need to write, no matter what it’s about.

5) Stop making rush decisions. I have a very bad habit of being the first to volunteer for everything, especially online. It’s almost impossible for me to say no. Last year I had to give up on a number of commitments I had made, and I can’t do that again. I need to think about decisions before they are made, talk about them with my husband and decide what’s really best for us.

What are your resolutions for this year?

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