A Letter to My Little on her 21st

July 11, 2012
Dear Little (Sam),
You’re 21. WOW. I cannot believe it. You know, that’s how old I was when you became my little.
Even though I’m not there to share it with you, I hope you have the most amazing 21st birthday that anyone’s ever had. I think about your every day and how I wish you could be in Texas (or how I could be back in SC). This year is going to be your senior year of college. I cannot believe that! It feels like just yesterday we made that lifelong connection at your graduation…
Then hanging out while you were just a little freshman/PNM…
Then you joined Delta Zeta. Seriously one of the happiest days of my life.
We have so many memories together and I cherish each one of them.
Your first retreat to Savannah… Shenanigans while doing philanthropy… Lots of formals… Homecoming… My wedding… Speaking at conferences together… Graduations…
I miss you so much every single day. Happy birthday, love. Here’s hoping I’ll be there for 22. :)
Your biggles
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