June Sponsor Spotlight: Shine On, Framed Frosting, and From Kristen, With Love

June 22, 2012

I have a great group of girls for y’all today! I’ve become friends with them over the past few months and I couldn’t be happier to call them friends as well as sponsors. One is a “professional sorority girl” and a huge supporter of Being Greek, one is a fellow H-town blogger who I met a couple of weeks ago, and one just finished up the biggest giveaway series I’ve ever seen! Meet Meghan, Kristen, and Danielle…

Meghan, Shine On
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Hello lovely readers! I’m a twenty-something, coffee-loving, social media-addict blogging about my life as a professional sorority girl packing up my life and moving back to Seattle. I am an avid animal-lover, and a human TV-guide. I’d love to meet you!
1) What’s one blog that you’re really loving right now? 
Aside from this blog, I am LOVING Kristin at Skinny Jeans & a Chai Latte. Kristin is a girl after my own heart…she loves chai lattes, beer & animals. Oh, and she’s super great! Go check her out!

2) What’s your favorite post that you’ve written? 
My favorite post? Man, that’s tough. I’d have to say that my favorite post would be the post where I made the big announcement that I was moving back to Seattle. Between college & a move down south, I’ve spent six years away from home, so it’ll be wonderful to be back in the Emerald City.

3) Tell us one thing that we wouldn’t know just by looking at your blog. 
I am an amateur photographer. While I do post pictures from sessions every once in a while, it’s not something I blog about often. I’m self-taught, and continually learning how to use my camera. My favorite subjects? Toddlers! They’re so fun, and they allow me to capture some pretty memorable moments. 

Kristen, From Kristen With Love
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Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web. My name is Kristen & my blog is where I write what’s on my heart. I am 20-something girl with a passion for all things creative & inspiring.  I work with kids with special needs during the day & am a full time university student by night. I’ll graduate in December of this year with my bachelors degree & I couldn’t be more excited for what opportunities await me. I’m the mother of two precious furbabies & a man who goes by “C” on my blog has my heart. You can read a little about our relationship here & here. I’m the biggest book nerd you’ll ever meet & my favorite color is purple. I have a heart the size of Texas & love making new friends. So drop by my blog & say hello! 

1) What’s one blog that you’re really loving right now? 

I’ve always been a huge fan of Jenni’s blog, Story of my life. She is inspiring & writes so well. I kinda sorta have a blog crush on her. 

2) What’s your favorite post that you’ve written? 

I wrote a post earlier this year about my journey throughout the past five years with getting my college degree called The light at the end of the tunnel . Writing about this was something really heavy on my heart & it felt wonderful to just open up about it with the blog world and spill my heart. I got so much positive feedback from the post… I think this was the first of many times I’ve felt such wonderful support throughout the blog community.  

3) Tell us one thing that we wouldn’t know just by looking at your blog. 

I would have to say one of the things you wouldn’t know about me just by looking at my blog is that I’m clumsy as heck. I swear I have two left feet… although I was a dancer all throughout my life. Kinda odd, don’t ya think? 

Danielle, Framed Frosting
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I first began my blog in April of last year as a way to document the end of my high school years. Now it has evolved to be about all things fashion and beauty related. I love to bake too and am hoping to include some more recipes on the blog soon along with some DIY projects. I am also obsessed with chevron and mint green, which you’ll see by my blog design!
1) What’s one blog you’re really loving right now?
I read 20+ blogs daily and have too many favorites to pick just one!
2) What’s your favorite post you’ve ever written?

3) Tell us something that we might not guess just by looking at your blog!
By the looks of my blog, you would never guess that I’m doing 10,000 different things this summer. I have no idea how I’m managing it all to be honest.
Weekend Update (and other random things)
What do you want to read?

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