June 2016 Goals

June 7, 2016

Well, you guys, another month has come and gone and I’m sitting over here asking myself how 2016 is passing by so quickly. For me it’s been especially weird because I started the year by living in a completely different state halfway across the country. The first two months of 2016 were all about two things: crossing my fingers for an amazing job opportunity that would help us move back closer to family and planning for Thrive 2.0. After a whirlwind weekend (that I barely survived to be quite honest) I moved 900+ miles back to South Carolina and started my new job less than 48 hours after the blog conference that I helped plan ended. Am I insane? Yes, probably. But getting to know my “new” hometown has been nothing short of amazing and kind of crazy all at the same time.

In case you’re wondering, my May goals were about 50/50 on the success scale:

  • Goal #1: Finish “The Girl on the Train” and start/finish “Alexander Hamilton” and “First Comes Love.” Check on the first book and on the last two? Womp, womp. I got about 30 pages into Alexander Hamilton and it was due to the library. I feel like this book may need to be one that I invest in, because there is no way I can binge-read it.
  • Goal #2: Blog twice a week. HA. HA HA. Yeah… that did NOT happen. Although I will say, I did blog a heck of a lot more than I have in the past few months, but six posts in 31 days ain’t that great.
  • Goal #3: Clean out closet and take basket of clothes to Clothes Mentor and Plato’s Closet, and donate remaining clothes to women’s shelter. Well, I did take clothes to CM and PC and got nearly $150 back. Woo hoo! Unfortunately the remaining clothes are sitting in my car waiting to be taken to a new home.
  • Goal #4: Eat out only once the first week of May while Nick was out of town. Believe it or not I actually kept myself from eating out tons while Nick was out of town for work. Unfortunately we have been TERRIBLE about not cooking at home and have eaten out quite a bit in June already. The bright side is that I received both Hello Fresh and Blue Apron boxes last week and so we have made dinner at home for the past four nights.
  • Goal #5: Eat something substantial for breakfast every day. I was really good at this for a while, but then I started visiting Starbucks way too often. We need to get back on our wagon of smoothies and breakfast sandwiches.

June Goals

1. Goal: Work out at least three times a week.

I lost a handful of pounds in May but ended up gaining it all back in the last week. BOO. Nick and I both signed up for a gym today so I’m hoping that I can actually get myself doing active things again. Positive: the gym has classes at my lunch time, so I think I’ll go do a class I actually enjoy: Zumba!

2. Goal: Work on rebuilding my wardrobe and storing out of season pieces.

The problem with selling all of your clothes and getting new ones is that awkward situation when you have gotten rid of old things but have nothing to wear. I counted and have TWO short-sleeved shirts (not including tanks or logo tees) which is obviously not conducive to summer in the South. I’m on the lookout for short-sleeved shirts that can be good for work and casual. Right now I have tons of sweaters hanging up in my closet which is also pretty silly considering the 90+ degree days we have been having.

3. Goal: Catch up on watching Game of Thrones.

Now, if it was up to me, this would already be done. Nick and I started the series back on Memorial Day 2015. Yes, you read that right. We started the series more than a year ago and have yet to catch up. I am so sick of having to avoid social media on Sunday nights and so tired of people spoiling things for me. Unfortunately Nick is not one to binge watch TV so this is extremely difficult to complete. Right now we are on episode 3 of season 4 and I’m dying (no pun intended) to catch up.

4. Goal: Read and review “First Comes Love” before it releases June 28.

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Emily Giffin’s new book “First Comes Love” and I can’t wait to read it. My plan is to read it and publish a review on this here blog so the advance copy was not sent in vain. Be on the lookout.

5. Goal: Drink at least 64 oz. of water per day.

I have been so bad about drinking water lately and my body is totally feeling it. Today I’ve barely finished one 16 oz. bottle. This has got to change! Any tips on how to drink more water?

What are your goals for June? I’d love to hear about them and encourage each other!

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