July 2016 Goals

July 11, 2016

July is almost halfway done and I haven’t even shared my July goals with you yet! Nor have I actually set them. To be honest, my June goals were not achieved in the slightest, so my motivation to set goals for July has been less than zero.

Let’s take a look back and see how last month’s goals went:

Goal: Work out at least three times a week. Yeah… this did not happen. BUT a few weeks ago, a few coworkers and I decide to have standing gym dates during lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays. So, that’s at least twice a week that I’ll be getting up and moving. You’d be surprised how much you’d sweat on a 40 minute indoor walk! Combine this with any activity that I do with Nick and I think I’m well on my way to meeting this goal.

Goal: Work on rebuilding my wardrobe and storing out-of-season pieces. This also did not happen to the extent I wanted it to, but I have purchased a few new tops to add to my wardrobe. Since my work dress code is somewhat lenient, I can often dress up casual tops just by adding dress pants to the outfit. As far as storing out-of-season pieces, they continue to stare at me every day in my closet. I really need to take care of that…

Goal: Catch up on watching Game of Thrones. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I actually completed this goal! A few days after June, but it’s completed nonetheless. Nick and I planned out our evenings for about ten days and were able to finally watch the last three episodes on the 4th of July. (Thanks, 3-day weekend!) I’m so glad to be caught up, I think season 6 was the best so far! Now I’m ready to speculate all about the new season. Except the new season is going to be delayed… UGH.

Goal: Read and review “First Comes Love” before it comes out June 28. Oops. I didn’t do any reading at all in June. It was a very tough time for our family (my great-grandmother passed away) so we spent quite a bit of time with them. When we weren’t visiting with family, we were working or watching Game of Thrones, so time got away from me. I’m in the middle of reading “Outlander” but I do hope to read “First Comes Love” after that!

Goal: Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day. This also was not achieved. Here on campus, we have water fountains. I’m being totally ridiculous, but ever since there was a bout of mono that was spread through the water fountain in the band room in high school, I’ve avoided them like the plague. I’m starting to realize this is probably ridiculous and need to suck it up. This morning I ventured to Chick-fil-A to get my free Chicken Minis (thanks Calendar Card!) and got a 32 oz. water to enjoy. Once it’s empty, I’ll fill it up at the water fountain. I’m trying!

July Goals

Goal #1: Finish reading “Outlander.” It’s not a small book, so I think one book may be all I can handle this month. I definitely want to have this one done by my birthday (August 2).

Goal #2: Plan our NYC itinerary and purchase tickets for any shows/tours we want to do. I’ve started to come up with a general schedule, and was hoping that we could go to a taping of Jimmy Fallon. Unfortunately, they are taking a break the week that we’ll be there so womp, womp… Our top picks for shows are “The Lion King,” “Waitress,” “The Color Purple,” and “Fiddler on the Roof.” We already have our tickets to “Hamilton.” (!!!!) We’re also interested in going on the NBC Studios at 30 Rock tour, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the Met. Anything else we should hit up on our trip?

Goal #3: Organize my closet. My closet has been included in my goals since I started this series. I really need to work on paring down what I have and keeping it as organized as I can. I hope to clean up some clutter and put away those clothes that aren’t appropriate for summer. (Although, we will be wrapping up this hot weather in a little over two months and it makes me SO READY for a proper fall that I haven’t experienced in 5 years. My level of excitement is off the charts.)

Goal #4: Blog at least twice a week. I know this was a goal of mine in May that didn’t go so well, but between my birthday wishlist, the first installment of my money-diary series, a pet-related post for cat lovers, preparing for our trip to NYC and a recap of our trip to NYC, I’m sure I’ll have lots to share. (By the way, family members, if you’re looking for birthday gifts, really anything of these Hamilton gifts are totally cool with me…but I do already own the Jordandene top.)

Goals #5: Attempt our “month with no going out to eat.” Okay, so to call it “a month with no going out to eat” is a little misleading. Nick and I have decided that we are going to limit our out eating out to once for lunch (together) and once for dinner (together) per week. We spend an exorbitant amount of money on food, so we’re challenging ourselves to be more creative with our meals at home. Side note: we are also pausing our HelloFresh deliveries until it cools down a bit. With the super hot weather in the South, by the time we get our meals they are dripping water and everything is soaking wet. Not cool. (literally)

What are your goals for July? If you did a post about it, please link it in the comments!

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