J. Crew Haul and Wishlist

June 23, 2014

After my self-imposed spending freeze in May, I’ve been trying to really evaluate what I have in my closet and what I actually need. I’ve been much better this month and have tried to shop sales. In case you didn’t know, J. Crew has 30% sale items and 50% off final sale items until Friday at midnight. I don’t know about y’all but my summer wardrobe is seriously lacking, so I jumped on this today and got a few new pieces that I’m obsessed with!

First let me just say that I know how much of a loser I am for having an iPhone 4. It sucks and I am dying to get the 5 or 5s. It’s so slow and takes awful pictures. But it works for now and I’m not paying $640 to get a new phone, so there. At least this cute phone wallet will help tide me over until September 9. You had better believe I’ll be there when Verizon opens to switch that phone out.
As for those shorts, I’m really picky when it comes to shorts because I feel like adults shouldn’t wear booty shorts. Just saying. These are the perfect length for me and the material is so soft. They feel like PJ pants! The sailboats are perfect for summer too.
I love J. Crew tees. I’m also super particular about where sleeve hit on my arm and these are a great length too. It’s not fitted, which I love, and it’s a graphic tee that doesn’t look juvenile. Perfect!
I was trying to not break the bank when I went shopping, but if I wanted to splurge a little more, I would have gotten these pieces as well: 
Again, comfort is key for me. If it’s not comfortable, I’m not wearing it. All three of these pieces are perfect for the Houston heat during the summer. Now if only I could get arms like that model in the last picture…
Did you score anything during the sale? Any exciting recent purchased you want to share?
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