I’m With Her

November 8, 2016

(Before I start, I just want to say: if you disagree with me, that’s okay. I’ve made up my mind and I’m sure you’ve made up yours. I’m just sharing my perspective and my story. Please keep negative comments to yourself.)


It was 2007. I was a high school senior in my government and economics class, and the upcoming presidential election came up. Hillary Clinton announced her intent to run on January 20, and we all had opinions. When our teacher asked why we would or would not want a female as president, I remember a girl in our class speaking up about how she didn’t believe that women could be trusted to run our country. “What happens during ‘that time of the month?’ She could push the nuclear button with no hesitation because she’s too emotional,” said this girl whose name I still remember.

I remember listening in horror. Are women actually that much more emotional than men? Do we really not think that women are just as capable as men? That moment, I realized that I supported Hillary Clinton for president.

When June 2008 came around, I remember my boyfriend at the time (now husband) and I had just checked into our hotel room for a beach vacation. I sat on the edge of the bed watching Hillary deliver the last speech of her 2008 campaign for president. I had tears in my eyes, but I knew it wasn’t over for her. I still had hope.

Fast forward to April 2015: we all knew it was coming. My “Ready for Hillary” bumper sticker had been on my car for at least two months at this point and I had purchased a “Madam President” magnet during our trip to DC a year earlier. As I watched the video declaring her intent to run once again, I remembered that hope that I had in 2007.

As I watched the video declaring her intent to run once again, I remembered that hope that I had in 2007. Hope that we might finally be able to break the glass ceiling and a woman might hold the highest office in the country. Hope that little girls all across America might realize that they too can aspire to do anything they set their minds to. Hope that our country could come together and elect the most qualified person to ever run for the office of the President of the United States.

We all know that the past year and a half has been hard for us all. This election has been nasty and I’ll be honest, I’m ready for it to be over just as much as the next person. But I hope that what this election has done is encourage us all to be more involved in politics at every level. That hope I was referring to? It doesn’t end today, even if Hillary wins tonight. Your part isn’t done. There are elections every two years, believe it or not, and it’s important for you to vote in every single one of them. And heck, if you don’t feel like people are doing their part, run for an office!

Although we are all jaded by politics at this very moment, I encourage us all, Republican and Democrat, Libertarian and Independent, to come together and support the next president, whoever it may be. One person cannot run the country alone, and it is up to all of us to make the country what we want it to be. You can’t sit back and expect things to happen. You have to MAKE things happen. Please don’t let this election deter you from getting involved in the future. We must all work together to make America better and stronger together.

As for me, I’m With Her. Tonight, I hope to celebrate the first woman elected to the presidency of the United States of America.

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