I’m alive!

March 23, 2012
Hey everyone! 
I didn’t mean to go on such a long posting hiatus. Once I got home with my family in SC, we just got so busy visiting with each other… and then I got sick :( 
(The nurse practitioner at the Minute Clinic has probably never dealt with the likes of a 22-year-old sobbing in the arms of her daddy when met with a strep test.)
My visit back home was more than I could have asked for. It reminded me just how beautiful the Carolinas are during spring time. Unfortunately I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I wanted to, but I wanted to share some with y’all!

First of all, my mother is an AMAZING cook. Like seriously. I told her a menu of all of my favorites for her to make while I was visiting (I know, I’m spoiled).

She made this Pampered Chef burrito bake thing that I absolutely love. Thanks for the yummy foods, Mommy!
(Yes, I call my
parents Mommy and Daddy and yes, I’m 22 years old. Deal with it.)

I get my sweet tooth from my Daddy… and I’m pretty sure this is the reason that I gained 3 pounds while on my trip. Two words: Krispy Kreme. Also, amazing.

Since my mom was sick, my dad took me shopping (aka to Kohls and Old Navy). Long story short, I saw my first batch of Girl Scouts this cookie season outside of Old Navy! I just had to buy some of my favorites.

(Obviously my dad doesn’t know how to take a picture.)

While waiting at the Minute Clinic, my dad pulled out this picture from his wallet. He says it’s his favorite picture ever. I know, I looked a little boy. :(

The weather was so nice that I spent an afternoon on the back porch reading and enjoying junk food (as always….)

On Saturday night I took a trip to Rock Hill, where I went to college. I was able to see so many friends and had a very tame St. Patty’s Day!

I’m thinking that the hubby needs this for his birthday….

I promise Alice and I had a date, but I suck and forgot to get pictures :( This is all the proof that I have. Us eating our froyo during a break from shopping! (by the way, she is AMAZING. Seriously, my soul sister. I am so so so sad that we live so far apart. Our date was so chill. I just love her so!)

After a dinner with my in-laws, my father-in-law reminded us that we had to add “in bed” afterwards. Let’s just say that my fortune led to an awkward moment.
 Before I got on the plane by to Houston, I had to stop in the Charlotte airport and enjoy a piece of home. Man, was that tasty!
I really hope I can visit again soon. I miss my home state, but I have to say I was actually looking forward to coming back to Houston. 
What did you all do for Spring Break?
P.S. I was so lucky to win a $50 credit to Katelyn Brooke Designs from the Curious Damsel, so I’ll be getting a new look some time in April! Yayyyyy!
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