If We Met for Brunch

February 21, 2014
Myrtle Beach, May 2011
(I know lots of bloggers have done similar blog posts about meeting for coffee, so I decided to not completely rip off Bonnie’s post yesterday and do brunch instead. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?)

If we met for brunch, I’d suggest we meet at Hubbell & Hudson in The Woodlands. It’s one of my favorites and I’m pretty sure it’s one of Meg’s too. I’d probably be five to seven minutes late, since that seems to be the trend almost anywhere I go. But of course I’d come up with some hilarious excuse about me having to curl my hair just perfectly or not being able to find a parking spot. I’d give you a huge hug, and even if you’re not a hugger, you’d take it and like it, dammit.

Once we sat down, they would probably offer us a mimosa or coffee, but I’d pass and order water. I would tell you it’s because I’m not a fan of champagne or coffee (GASP!) but it’s also because I’m cheap and water is free. By the time the waiter comes to take our order, I’d pick something random. But it can’t be the same thing as you because I’m weird and that freaks me out. I would probably get the banana pancakes with breakfast potatoes. Eating healthy isn’t something constantly on my mind.

You might notice that the waiter is constantly filling up my glass. If there’s a drink in front of me, I’m going to drink it, especially water. I tend to gulp it down. I’d probably apologize for it and say, “I’m just so thirsty!”

If this was your first time visiting Texas, I’d ask if you were enjoying the warm weather we’ve been having. It’s been in the 70s all week, much better than most of the country! I’d tell you that I’m nervous about our trip to DC in a few weeks and how I’m hoping that it will snow when we’re there. I’d definitely get tears in my eyes telling you about how it’s the first time that Nick and I are both leaving our dog Anabelle and how nervous we are about putting her in a kennel.

By this point, our food would be out, but I’d be so busy talking that I would hardly notice. I’d ask if you were watching the Olympics and what has been your favorite event to watch. I would tell you that my favorite event was ski jumping just so I don’t seem like too much of a girl, but I’ve secretly loved watching the figure skating. I have been watching hockey during my lunch hour and I’ve loved that too!

Even though we were finished eating, I’d probably keep talking your ear off for hours if I could. I would tell you that I’m really starting to get into the groove of blogging again and I’m so happy about that. I would ask for blog post ideas and if you would wanted to take some outfit post pictures. I’d explain that even though I don’t consider myself a fashion blogger, I still love to take blog photos!

By the time we parted ways, I would feel like I’ve known you for years. I would once again give you a huge hug and make you promise to not be a stranger. And, like always, I would forget to take a picture to be able to document it on the blog. Because that’s just me.


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