If I Could Do It Over Again

February 25, 2014

This post was originally post on Unspeakable Joy! as a guest post when Ryann got married in July 2013. I wanted to share it with you all, as it’s been something that’s been on my mind. I’ve tweaked it just slightly from it’s original form.

I’ve always been really into social media and usually the first to jump on the bandwagon of new social media sites. Unfortunately, when I got married back in July 2011, I wasn’t aware of Pinterest yet. It wasn’t a huge thing like it is now, so I had to scour the internet to find inspiration for my big day! I found myself settling and compromising on quite a few things that I really wanted for the sake of our budget or time. Don’t get me wrong– our big day was absolutely flawless. If something went wrong, I was never told! It was a gorgeous day. But since Pinterest has become somewhat of the ‘end-all, be-all’ of wedding planning, I’ve been made aware of so many cool things that I never knew existed before we got hitched!

In case you didn’t know our wedding was navy and pink. (Here are pictures of the wedding party, ceremony and reception.) It was such a classic and preppy combination, but I’ve really been drawn to gray and yellow recently. In fact, our bedroom was decorated in that color scheme for a while. So, even though our big day was awesome, here’s how our big day might have been different if Pinterest had been around when I got married:

If you’ve gotten married, is there anything you would change? If not, do you go to Pinterest for a lot of ideas?


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