I Like It, I Love It (#blogeverydayinSept)

September 25, 2014

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get excited about really silly things. Like, really silly things. I’ve been called quirky before and I’m coming to realize just how true that is. In fact, Nick often comments on how easily excited I get about things. Here are just a few:

– When I’m watching House Hunters and they’re looking in an area I’ve lived in, like Houston, Charlotte, or Greenville, SC, I totally freak out and get super excited. (And have major house envy)

– Hearing my favorite song on the radio, even if I’ve listened to it on iTunes or Spotify like a million times that same day, I’ll still dance like a fool.

– Office supplies. I love planners, pens, notepads… I love it all. Bonus points if it’s monogrammed or personalized.

– Adorable baby animal videos, because obviously.

– The new fall TV lineup. The Voice and New Girl are back! Plus I’m trying out a few new shows. I’m obsessed with Red Band Society and have recorded Madam Secretary and Gotham. Any others I should check out?

– Going to the dentist! ….. kidding. My mouth is STILL sore from some work I had done on Tuesday. Yikes.

– My nighttime routine, which includes feeding Susie her treats and having her snuggle up to me and bathe herself, then fall asleep.

– Staying in the double digits when grocery shopping. If I can keep it under $100 each week, I feel like I’ve accomplished something huge. (Any tips on keeping your grocery budget tight?)

– Re-learning to ride a bike on our vacation. It had been probably more than ten years since the last time I rode a bike, so hopping on again was so fun! Plus we ended up biking over 25 miles over the four days we were there. Pretty awesome, right?

– Meeting up with my blogger friends. But I guess by now they are just friends! Is anyone else going to the Blog Elevated Friday night party?

– Football season. I mean, no explanation necessary.

– Doing vacation recap posts. Is anyone else interested in reading about our California vacay?

– The fact that one of my bloggy loves got hitched, out of the blue! I’ve been stalking Sarah and her new hubby Paul on Instagram ever since they broke the news this afternoon. I’m dying, y’all. They are adorable! This isn’t a silly one, but I’m obsessed with those two and had to share it with the world.

What silly things excite you? Link up with us! Didn’t follow the prompt? No worries– link up anyway!

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