Ten Day You Challenge: Five Foods

December 22, 2011

Hello everyone! Hope your first day of winter wasn’t as hectic as mine. Malls are not the place to go 4 days before Christmas….

I’m trying a new recipe tonight for my hubby. It’s a one-dish meal (my favorite!) made with cream of mushroom soup and chicken. I’ll let you all know how it turns out :)

Here are my five favorite foods for today’s challenge!

5. Fried chicken
What southern girl DOESN’T like fried chicken?! My mom makes the best fried chicken ever (with sweet tea and macaroni and cheese of course!) and one of my favorite restaurants serves only fried chicken-based dishes.

4. Fried rice
(see a pattern?) I think I could eat Asian food every day, but if I did, it’d have to have fried rice with  it. Whether it be chicken, steak, shrimp, or even just veggies, I love the taste of fried rice! (one of my last meals in good ole Rock Hill will be at a place known for their yummy fried rice and shrimp sauce combination)

3. Desserts
This category was just way too big to choose just one. Pies, brownies, cookies, tarts, everything: I love it ALL. One of my favorite parts of our honeymoon was being able to have dessert with every meal, and they were all delicious!

2. Queso dip
Really I just love all types of finger foods, including chip and dip combinations. But my favorite of all is queso dip. I could seriously eat this every day, and often have it once a week! The best queso dip is somewhat spicy :)

1. Italian
Again, it’s hard to limit this to just one thing, but I love any combination of sauce, pasta, and cheese. My favorite is manicotti (shells stuffed with ricotta). I eat some kind of pasta probably every other day. And mozzarella cheese… mmmmm!

Until next time!

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