Girls Night Out at Alamo Drafthouse is So Fetch

September 1, 2015

Any night that I get to spend with local Houston bloggers is a good night in my book. So when Integrate PR invited me to the Mean Girls Quote-a-Long at the Alamo Drafthouse with a bunch of other fantastic ladies, of course my answer was YES!!!

The night started at their offices where we met up, pre-gamed a little with some amazing drink that I need to get the recipe for, and then hopped on The Wave to take up to Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park. It’s been yeeears since I’ve been on a party bus (only once before, y’all. And it was for sorority formal. There was no drinking on the bus allowed.) We had a great time chatting it up and breaking it down. There was a lot of Snapchatting and Periscoping going on! Kudos if you were lucky enough to catch it!

whitney meg alamo drafthouse

Meg is the makeup queen, y’all. Bow down.

Once we arrived at Alamo, we took our seats and had these adorable bags waiting for us with swag and props for the night’s festivities. They had a pre-show “walk off” and gave us instructions on when we should use the props. Lots of people broke their crowns, but I saved mine (and then proceeded to wear it all night long).

giftbag alamo drafthouseThanks Brittany for the photo!

Obviously we couldn’t take pictures during the movie, but if you have never been to a quote-a-long, I highly suggest it! I was totally shy for the first couple of quotes, but by the end of it, I was saying it right along with everyone else and even putting my own twist and sass on it!

But, you guys know what’s most important for me: THE FOOD. I’ve always said that Alamo Drafthouse has the best popcorn around, and that definitely still stands. I also had the Torch Burger which was fan-flippin’-tastic and the warm cookies for dessert. Basically they had to roll me out of that theater… I was STUFFED. I’m so excited we were able to try to Houston Restaurant Weeks menu. It’s such an awesome menu!

Party Bus Alamo Drafthouse

Obviously we had too much fun! ;)

Thanks so much to Integrate, Alamo Drafthouse and The Wave for having us! It was a much needed girls night out and so so much fun. Let’s do it again soon, eh?

What is your favorite thing to do for girls night out?

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