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March 26, 2015

I have never asserted myself as an expert on anything fashion-related. I have, however, taken pride in my ability to call myself a “geek,” which, if you’ve been around here long, is kind of a theme on this here little blog.

This past weekend, I attended Texas Style Council. It was my first time attending the conference, and unfortunately the last time the conference was being held. I promise to do a full recap post on the conference soon, but I just had to share my outfit from the first day of the conference.

Not only was this outfit what I wore while I was meeting most of these amazing (and quite stylish) bloggers for the first time, but it was also my road trip outfit, which meant it had to be cute AND comfy. Since the theme of this year’s Texas Style Council was “CAMP” (Create a Meaningful Presence) and since it was held at a Girl Scout Camp, Indiana insisted that everyone be comfortable for the weekend. I took that message to heart and grabbed my favorite Jordandené tees, jeans and rain boots. I love Jordandené tees for a geeky yet chic look. Not to mention they are printed on American Apparel tees so they are super soft and comfortable.


(Click on the links above to find out where the pieces are from! These are affiliate links through Tagspire. TARDIS tee is c/o Jordandené.)


On the way to TxSC, my road trip buddy Meg and I found this adorable building just outside of Navasota. Obviously we quickly jumped out of the car and snapped some pics before we could be arrested for trespassing. Now wouldn’t THAT have made for an interesting blog post? The things I do for my blog… Check out Meg’s photos from the same stop on her blog Everyday Meg!
Being able to dress comfortably was such a blessing. Instead of taking tons of time to decide what to wear, I loved being able to know that I could bum it (in a cute way, of course) and really focus on why we were there. I can’t wait to share with you all my thoughts on the weekend!


*Although Jordan did provide me with this adorable tee, all opinions expressed in this post are my own!*

What’s your favorite way to dress down?

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