Geek Guy Gift Guide
(Say That Five Times Fast)

December 4, 2014

This time of year, gift guides are popping up all over the place. While these are fun to look at, they aren’t exactly the most helpful. You see, my husband isn’t into hunting or sports or fashion. I know that my husband isn’t the only “geek guy” out there, so I’ve enlisted his help in coming up with some idea for the geek in your life! And don’t worry– if the geek in your life is female, I’ll have a “geek girl gift guide” for you all tomorrow!


1. Level Up Pipe Mug – I think if Nick had to give a commentary on this item, it would probably be about how terrible I am at the first level of Super Mario Bros. and how I can’t even past the first Goomba. Hopefully the gamer in your life is a little better a 1-1 than I am.
2. Planet Express T-Shirt – Good news everyone! This is a great gift for the Futurama lover. Futurama is definitely one show that Nick got me into, and it’s totally become one of my favorites. (If you aren’t into typical “adult cartoons” like Family Guy, then Futurama would probably be up your alley since it’s the complete opposite.)
3. Hyrule University T-Shirt – Nick loves all of The Legend of Zelda video games. It’s a classic, so any gamer should appreciate this tee.
4. Star Wars Car Floor Mats – The one thing that Nick loves above all others is Star Wars! This gift is a little self-serving because he is in desperate need of new floor mats in his car. But I love these much more than a basic color.
5. Steam Gift Card – Some guys are more into console gaming, like Playstation or Xbox, but Nick is very much a PC gamer. He purchases all of his games through Steam and looks forward to the Steam sales each summer and fall.
6. Portal Messenger Bag – Portal is one of the first games that Nick introduced me to once we started dating. As per usual, I’m awful at it, but love to watch him play! I love that this bag isn’t overtly “geeky” and can be carried around without looking too cheesy.
7. “I’m Not a Gamer, I Just Mash A Lot” T-Shirt – This shirt is more my motto when it comes to gaming, but I’m sure more experienced gamers would enjoy this shirt as much as I do!
8. Star Trek Socks – “It’s Starfleet, not Starfeet!” I love that these socks look somewhat professional when hidden under socks and pants, but are still fun.
9. Star Wars Rechargeable Mini Speaker – Nick is always listening to geeky podcasts on his phone. This would be the perfect way to project them since he doesn’t have another way to listen to them in his car! Plus, it’s Star Wars, so it’s perfect.

Do you have a geek guy in your life? Anything you would add to this list?


Geek Girl Gift Guide

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