Fridge Explorers

December 5, 2012

Those “What’s in your…” posts are some of my favorites that I read on blogs. Maybe it’s just my nosy nature, maybe I like to see what I have in common with other bloggers. Whatever the reason, I’m sure never to skip those posts in my reader.

Today, I wanted to share with you all a very important member of our family: the fridge. Let’s delve into what’s inside, shall we?

No Southern kitchen is complete without Duke’s mayonnaise. I grew up eating the old fashioned kind, but once the hubs and I started making grocery purchases, I decided to try the light version.

See also: yellow curry pork chops (YUM), and a large thing of sour cream (always needed), Light and Fit yogurt (the only kind I’ll eat), Greek yogurt (for cooking).

Brita filter pitcher, Simply Orange (high pulp, the only way to go), Cran-grape. Yes, that’s Coke and rum in the back. Hubs’ drink of choice.

Leftover jambalaya (not gonna lie, that was AMAZING y’all), the best little pickles in the entire world, grape jelly (the only way to go).

Bottom door shelf: Target Redi-whip, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, grated parmesan, the best BBQ sauce in the world, the best apple juice in the world, Ken’s Creamy Italian dressing, Zesty Italian, Chili Sauce, Pina Colada mix. See anything you use?

Top door shelf: salsa x 2, Buffalo wing sauce, Teriyaki sauce, rice wine vinegar, green olives, hot sauce, flaxseed, Hoisin sauce, strawberry preserves (for biscuits, of course), sriracha, dijon mustard, honey dijon mustard. 1% milk in the little shelf above.

This little one comes running every single time I open the fridge. I have no idea why!

Did you see something that you eat too? 
What about something that you think is totally weird? 

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