Founder’s Day

October 24, 2012
To the world,
I promise temperance and insight and courage,
to crusade for justice,
to seek the truth and defend it always;
To those my life may touch in slight measure,
may I give graciously of what is mine;
To my friends, 
understanding and appreciation;
To those closer ones,
love that is ever steadfast;
To my mind, 
To myself, 
that I may walk truly in the light of the Flame.
–– Dorothy Mumford Williams, Alpha Zeta (Adelphi University) (1939)

To Alfa, Mary, Anna, Julia, Mabelle, and Anne:

Thank you for taking that brave step 110 years ago. I cannot imagine the courage that it took to start a sorority on a male-dominated campus. I wish that you could see the amazing things that Delta Zetas are doing all over the world today. It is amazing to me that six women could begin so much, something so meaningful to me and thousands of other women.

I first learned that creed in September of 2007 and I’m so proud that I’m still able to recite it, complete with correct punctuation and capitalization. (Heck, I typed that entire thing without looking it up. That’s impressive.) Being a Delta Zeta is something that I could have never expected. I never knew what I was getting into, but boy am I glad that I did!

I wrote a post a few months ago talking about the importance of being an active alumna. It hurts that this will be the first Homecoming since 2006 that I will not be with my sisters and so many of the alumnae that support our chapter. The girls have moved into a new house and the chapter is as strong as ever. It was a hard lesson to learn, that the chapter would continue once I left it. But I will never leave Delta Zeta.

It will be my heart, no matter where I am. My little girl will one day wear pink and green proudly (I hope!) and I hope that she can feel the love that I have for my sisters.

So ladies, all I know to say is: thank you. It’s not nearly enough to explain what Delta Zeta has meant to me over the past 5 years, but I can only try.

Houston DZs at the Houston Blogger Symposium

Sporting our letters at Headquarters!

Delta Zeta bloggers in Houston

Me and my little

We love our turtles!

Our brick at Headquarters
I love my sisters!

Are you a member of a Greek organization? Tell me one of your favorite memories. If you aren’t, I hope that you see that being greek isn’t parties and drinking and social events. It’s a bond that can never be broken.

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