Five On Friday: We’re Going to NYC!

May 27, 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve linked up for Five on Friday, but I have so many random thoughts in my head today that it’s the perfect opportunity to spill!

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1- A few weeks ago, Nick and I decided to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in New York City (“the greatest city in the woooorld”) seeing, you guessed it, HAMILTON.


We both have been obsessed with the show since November of last year so I scoured the internet and managed to find relatively cheap resale tickets to see the show. Unfortunately, finding a hotel room in New York has started to give me panic attacks. You see, I’m a little claustrophobic, so a tiny room won’t work for us. Unfortunately, a bigger room means a bigger price tag. Do any of you out there have suggestions for hotel rooms that are a little more spacious but aren’t super duper expensive?

2- Going along with those NYC hotel recommendations, we need suggestions on where to go and what to eat! We are huge foodies so we love trying out yummy places all over the city, and at all price points. I’d love to hear some recommendations in the comments below!


(Nick and I the last time we went to NYC, for like 6 hours in Dec. 2010)

4- Now that we have moved back to the Carolinas, we (namely, me) are chopping at the bit to buy a house. I’m constantly looking at houses on Trulia, Zillow, Redfin and any other sites. I don’t even want to decorate our apartment because I just want to focus on saving up and buying a house. More importantly, I’m ready to DECORATE my own place. Has anyone else felt this way?

4- I just want to say, all the praise hands emojis for our summer schedule at work. We work 8-5:30 Monday through Thursday, and then just 8-11:30 on Fridays. Getting that half day on Fridays is SO NICE and really gives me a chance to take care of things before the weekend starts. Last week I was able to go up to Charlotte and get my hair done (oh, by the way, I chopped my hair off! It actually looks longer in this picture than it actually is.)

Whitney New Hair

5- Last night Nick and I saw “X-Men: Apocalypse.” We did a Facebook Live reaction video and had a handful of people tune in to watch our thoughts! It was so much fun and we really enjoyed doing it. We’re thinking about continuing that for more movies that we see. Overall I loved the movie. I’m a huge X-Men fan so it was definitely right up my alley. Nick is doing a full review of the movie on his blog at some point today, so check it out!

Ready for X-Men

How are you spending your (hopefully) 3-day weekend?

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