Five on Friday: Shut Up and Dance With Me

October 3, 2014
I’m so glad that the Five on Friday is back! It’s definitely one of my favorite linkups (and not only because I totally love April). Obviously I love lists, hence the blog name. So let’s go!

1. How To Get Away With Murder is totally one of my new favorite shows! It is so addictive and I can’t wait for the next episode each week. We’re two weeks in now and I’m craving more. I love watching shows live but totally wish I could binge watch them. Added bonus? It’s got Alfred Enoch, as the main (ish) character, who is a Harry Potter alum. Obviously up my alley.

Fun fact? The little blonde girl on the left is Julianne Hough.

2. I’m also totally obsessed with Walk the Moon. I saw them in August when they opened for Panic! at the Disco and absolutely loved it. Their music is so dance-y. Definitely check it out.

3. If you’re a blogger in the Houston area, don’t forget to check out the Houston Blogger Social Club. We meet once a month for brunch and are always to include new bloggers in our get-togethers! We’re undergoing a little bit of a rebranding/reorganization at the moment so stay tuned.
4. I can understand why people are a little worried about the whole Ebola thing, but you can’t contract it unless you’ve interacted with the person while they were showing symptoms. Just because you breathe the same air as someone doesn’t mean that you will get Ebola. But I can’t help think about this being a whole “patient zero” situation. THIS IS HOW THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BEGINS.
5. Of course while I’m on a spending freeze I want to buy ALL THE THINGS. Most of all right now I’m dying for this gorgeous sweater that Elisabeth featured on her blog yesterday:

Isn’t she gorgeous?
Thank goodness it’s Friday! Any fun plans this weekend?
Baby Shower Brunch
California, Here We Come (#blogeverydayinSept)

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