Five for Friday: Things are Changing!

May 15, 2015

I’m popping into today to take part in Five for Friday with one of my favorite bloggers, April! This is my favorite linkup, as it’s totally up to you what your five things are. Head on over to April’s blog to link up!

1. It’s been a super hectic week, as May is our busiest month at work, so I’m trying to stay afloat with reading blogs AND working on my transfer to WordPress. Yes, you read that right… I’m moving to WordPress! It’s been a longer process than I would have hoped, mostly my fault, but I’m facilitating the move on my own. Scary, right? I plan to write a post on how everything went once I get the new blog up and running. If you visit the blog over the weekend, you may not be able to access my page or things might look a little weird. Just a heads up! 
2. In case you missed the announcement on my Instagram the other week, I am now the proud owner of a brand new Macbook Air! I’ve been dying for a Mac since I was in college and after saying goodbye to three PC laptops over seven years, I thought it was time to upgrade to something different. I’m loving it so far. Even Nick, who was extremely skeptical about the whole Apple computer thing, is using it and loves how light it is!
3. Is anyone else in Texas dealing with millipedes right now? It seems like every time I look up, there’s another one crawling around! Any suggestions on how to get rid of them?
4. My poor hubby Nick has been dealing with an ear infection and severe allergies all week. Even worse, I’m pretty sure that he caught it from me last week. :( Even my pup is sick. We can’t catch a break!
5. Are you a blogger in the Houston area? I’m working on an event in July with a pretty exciting sponsor, but we want to do something more substantial than just brunch or networking event. What would you like to see? Some kind of activity or speaker? Let me know in the comments!
Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend?
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