Five Blogs You Should Follow: Part Deux

January 21, 2014

I did my first installment of Five Blogs You Should Follow (wow, that’s a mouthful…) back in June 2012 and since a year and a half is passed, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share with you some more great blogs that you should be reading. I still love all five blogs that I first highlighted all those months ago, so check those out as well!

A Geek Tragedy – Let’s be honest, I feel like almost every fashion blog that I follow is a cookie cutter of one another. That’s why I just don’t follow that many. But Abby’s blog, while not entirely fashion, shows a totally unique style that I can’t seem to get enough of. Plus? Her haircut is bitchin’. And I don’t care if that phrase is like 20 years old or not.

A Sorta Fairytale – I had the pleasure of meeting Mandy at Blissdom last year and we hit it off immediately. She’s one of the bubbliest and most friendly people I’ve ever met. She’s also pretty darn talented with a camera and had two of the cutest little boys ever. Even though I’m not a mom, I love reading her posts on motherhood, the good and the bad. She even gives some pretty awesome blog advice!

Greetings From Texas – It’s no secret that I have a little bit of an obsession with Megan. I’ve shared her blog and book multiple times on the blog, but I just need to reiterate how much you should follow this blog. Her kid is adorable (she named her after Jay-Z…. and no, she isn’t named Sean) and wearing some pretty amazing outfits on a regular basis. Major plus: she’s speaking at Alt Summit, for those of you lucky enough to be able to go! So I’m not the only one who thinks she’s amazing.

Pretty Providence – This is another blog that I’ve been following for what seems like an eternity! Sarah, one of the minds behind Pretty Providence, moved to Houston last year and we’ve become such good friends. Not gonna lie, I was a little starstruck when I met her because, again, I’ve been following her blog forever! The blog has many contributors and I’m always so impressed with what the ladies come up with. Such a talented group!

Life of Bon – Bonnie is one of the best writers that I’ve ever encountered in this blog world. I would hope so, as she’s a high school English teacher! I truly admire any blogger that can just lay her/his thoughts and raw emotions out there for everyone to read, and I’ve learned so much from her blog about life in general. I like to think that our blogs are somewhat similar (except she posts regularly… oops!) so I think you’ll definitely like Bonnie’s if you like mine!

What a random mix of blogs. I’m sure that at least one of these blogs will appeal to you… they’re all so different!

What are some “hidden gems” that you have found recently? Share in the comments!

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