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August 31, 2012

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with all things Greek. (Both the country and college organizations, but today we’re talking sororities.) Over the next few weeks, so many girls will be going through recruitment in order to find the right sorority for them. I wanted to share the stories of a couple of my favorite bloggers today about their sorority experiences.

Charlotte (left) and Ryann

Charlotte: From Carolina Cotton to Illinois Corn

“The moment I was accepted at Wofford, I knew exactly what sorority I
would be in. I had friends in the sorority, and never even thought
about being interested in another chapter. I had almost gone ahead and
bought these Greek letters for my car! The first night of recruitment, I
had a terrible realization. I had nothing in common with the group I
thought I so desperately wanted. I knew my roommate was going that way
regardless, so as I got farther and farther down the road during
recruitment I learned that I had to make the best decision for ME. My
mom wasn’t Greek and thought that I HAD to go this one particular way
because she didn’t want her friend or her friend’s daughter to be
disappointed in me. I mentioned to some of my group of friends after the
2nd night (theme night at Wofford), that I truly thought that ZTA was
where I belonged. Many of them came in thinking the same thing that I
did. We didn’t talk about what sorority we chose after Pref round. We
waited until Bid Day to run out to each other to be excited about our
new sisters. Turns out, we all went ZTA and are still very best friends
to this day.
It was so much fun having a roommate who was in a
different sorority. We both went to each other’s crush parties, and
helped each other get dressed for formals without the added stress of
getting ready yourself! We could give each other the insight and the
good gossip, of course without telling one another.

So, in a nutshell, go with your heart. You can hear
great things about one chapter but fall in love with another. Do not
worry about hurting ANYONE’s feelings!! ZTA became my life at Wofford,
and whatever chapter you choose, I hope you love it too!”

Darby with bridesmaids

Darby: Life with the Hawleys

“As a DZ at Randolph-Macon College, I had some of the
best and most memorable experiences of my life.  I cannot think back to
college without considering the impact of DZ.  However, as much as I
enjoyed the sorority experience, it pales in comparison to the support I
have received post-graduation.  My sisters have encouraged me in the
tough times, laughed with me through the good times, and stood by my
side during the most life altering events like my wedding day.  I am
constantly amazed when I meet a new sister and how we already have a
deep connection from such a vast (and national) sisterhood.  The
sisterhood goes beyond the college experience and truly is forever.”

I’ve talked a little bit about my own sorority experience before, but here’s the whole story:

I always knew that I wanted to join a sorority. No one in my immediate family had gone Greek before. In fact, I was one of the first to go to college. I remember going to the Convocation fair and seeing all of the tables set up for the different groups. I planned to wait until my sophomore year to go through recruitment. I made my way over to one of the sorority’s tables and told them my plan. They urged me to go ahead and take the plunge. They told me that I might miss out on an entire year of experiences if I didn’t do it now.

So I went back to my dorm room and signed up. Recruitment at my school was the second week of September and I was given a Rho Gamma, or recruitment guide. I spent those few weeks becoming really good friends with the girls in my group and was sad to think that we would shortly be split apart into different sisterhoods.

The first day of recruitment came and I was so scared. I wanted to make a good impression but didn’t know what was to come!

Little me and my Rho Gamma!
The evening went by in a blur. I went to the ZTA party, then ADPi. Chi Omega, Sigma Sigma Sigma, and then Delta Zeta. I remember liking the Delta Zeta party a lot, but I was originally interested in ZTA so I kept my eyes set on them. I knew which one I wanted to drop, so it wasn’t a decision that I struggled over.
The second day came too early. I went to the four parties and took the afternoon to go shopping with one of the other girls in my group. When the time came to choose what two sororities we wanted to have as our preferences, it wasn’t a hard decision. I chose Sigma Sigma Sigma and Delta Zeta.  My closest friend Liz had also made her decision, but wouldn’t tell me where she was going. She wanted to keep the decision her own, which was a smart decision.
Preference Day came. I walked into Delta Zeta’s party first. It was quiet, serious, and so special to me. The ceremony touched me, and I knew that my decision had been made. Maggie, the girl who talked to me, and I made such a connection. She knew exactly what I wanted in a sisterhood and I felt at home.
After I received my bid from Delta Zeta, the doubts started pouring in. Did I make the right decision? Are these girls right for me? If Delta Zeta isn’t considered the “prettiest” or “coolest” sorority, does that make me look bad? I found out that my Rho Gamma was a Chi Omega and I just cried and cried. I called her after the Bid Day party and was so upset. She told me that she knew that Delta Zeta was perfect for me and to just give it time. Boy, am I glad that I did. None of that mattered. What mattered was my relationship with my sisters.
Delta Zeta is by far the best thing that I did in college. It showed me how to be a leader. It helped me get to know myself even more. It challenged me. I may have not met my husband if it hadn’t have been for one of my sisters introducing me to him. 
I served as so many different chair positions as well as the vice president of programming for the sorority. I saw it come so far between the time I joined to the time I graduated. Even looking at the chapter now, I’m so proud to say that I was a part of that amazing sisterhood.
Now that I live in Houston, I have a great group of friends here because they are my sisters. My closest friends from college were my sisters. Even though we live all across the country, in California, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and back in South Carolina, we are still there for each other. Through graduation, weddings, babies, and everything in between.

For those of you going through recruitment soon, I am so excited for you and the future that going Greek holds. Be yourself. That’s the best thing you can do.

For those of you already in sororities and trying to get new members, please remember what it was like for you in that situation. Remember how hard it was. Forget numbers, forget quotas, forget everything. Remember the main reason for it all.

Good luck to everyone with recruitment this fall!

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Were you a member of a sorority? If so, what is your favorite memory? If not, what is your impression of Greek life?

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