Feminist Gift Guide

November 20, 2017

I don’t know about you, but there are so many gift guides floating around right now and sometimes I think, “wow, none of this stuff is me!” So, I decided to make my own style of gift guides, starting with my Harry Potter Gift Guide last week.

Over the past year, my already “girl power” attitude has turned into a full-fledged feminist and I want to literally wear it on my sleeve… or chest… or mug. If you’re like me and want to spread the good word, check out these awesome gifts from some super rad ladies (and there may or may not be coupon codes below!)

Feminist Gift Guide - The Observant Turtle

Feminist AF Phone Case $15.99 – Rose Gold Rebel is one of my favorite shops for sassy gear on the internet, and it doesn’t hurt that it is headquartered right here in Charlotte! This phone case is right up my alley: not too bulky, pink, and a kick-ass message. The best part? You can get 15% off using the code “FeministAF15” because RGR is just that awesome.

Fierce Feminist Sweatshirt $30 – The first of many items on this list from Everyday Unicorns, this sassy sweatshirt is perfect for anyone: male or female! Valery has some AMAZING Black Friday deals, so make sure to head over to her website and sign up for the email list for the latest details. She is offering free shipping to y’all ’cause she’s my girl. Use code “TOTFREE.”

Feminist Poster $18-32 – To me, feminism is helping all women of all colors. Building other women up is something I try to commit myself to every single day. This poster would be perfect in my office as a reminder to myself and a statement to others.

Feminist Note Pad $10 – I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly having to write things down. I have a terrible memory and have to keep lists all the time. I love this notepad and the yellow color is awesome!

Blooming Uterus Pin $10 – I’ve been super into pins recently and I love this uterus pin. Now I just need to figure out a place to put all of them!

Barrel Rolls Not Gender Roles Mug $12 – This mug is for the feminist old-school gamer. (Star Fox anyone?) As soon as I saw this mug, I knew I had to have it. This design is also available as a sweatshirt or hoodie! It’s also from Everyday Unicorns, so make sure to use the code “TOTFREE” for free shipping!

Feminist Embroidered Baseball Hat $14.99 – I love wearing hats on the weekends, especially one that has such a bold statement. Definitely hoping to get this one in my stocking this year!

Intersectional Feminist Lapel Pin $12 – I love Scrabble, I love gold, and I’m an intersectional feminist. Need I say more about why I love this pin? (Check out this article if you’re not familiar with the concept of intersectional feminism)

Set of 6 Pencils $10 – The feeling I get when I write with a freshly sharpened pencil is ridiculously soothing. You can buy these individually, or in a set of 3, 6 or 10!

Female Symbol Handstamped Necklace $20-36 – I’m a huge fan of understated hand-stamped necklaces, and this Venus symbol is perfect!

Ladies Don’t Start Fights Mug $13.99 – Real talk: I’ve been a fan of Marie from The Aristocats has been one of my favorite Disney characters ever since I saw this movie when I was a kid. This is totally a

Intersectional Feminist Sweatshirt $30 – Another awesome sweatshirt from Everyday Unicorns that’s also available as a t-shirt, long-sleeve tee, tote bag, and phone case! (Don’t forget to use code “TOTFREE” for free shipping!)

Who would these gifts be perfect for on your list? Any other items you’d add to the list?



  • I’m more of a “pizza rolls not gender roles” person myself, but I appreciate the gaming version!

    My Feminist AF sweatshirt is one of my favorite pieces of clothing, and I get compliments on it whenever I wear it. I kept track in California–I think it was a total of 14 compliments during our trip? And the last one was the TSA agent as I went through airport security to head home! Oh, and it was chilly during Dragon Con, so I wore it there, and I got about 6 compliments that day alone. Not too shabby :D

  • Miss ALK

    I like the idea of doing themed gift guides- I’ve been trying to do that this year too! Looking at this gift guide I kept thinking of one of my college friends specifically- she’d love a lot of these things!

    xoxo A

  • ahh i love this!! such a needed gift guide, especially this year! thank you!

  • RW


  • These are all so cute! Themed gift guides are so fun.

  • Sydney Power

    Thanks so much for giving me some great ideas for my empty list.

  • McKennableu

    Those pencils are soooo cute!

  • Love that hat and the necklace — so cute!

  • Such fun/cute ideas! Love the mug!

  • I looooove the mug! Marie was always my favorite character on the Aristocats.

  • Haha that pin is awesome! Totally want that mug.

  • These are some great finds! I need that hat ASAP.

  • Oh my goodness! Yes to all of these! I love the “Fierce Feminist” sweatshirt.

    • Whitney H

      I can totally see you rocking that!

  • Adriana

    Cute picks! I’m sure everyone would LOVE these!

  • Paige Rankin

    Those are all so cute. I love that mug!

    xoxo, Paige

  • I love that phone case! And the necklace!