Falling Out of Love

April 16, 2014

It’s been a little over two weeks since I last posted on the blog and I’m okay with it.

When I first started blogging in August 2011, I wanted to use it as a tool to get to know my future home city of Houston and possibly meet friends. I’ve mentioned a million times just how much this blog has meant to me and how it helped me keep my sanity during the first year away from home. It introduced me to my best friends here in Houston. There’s no way that I could ever explain how much blogging means to me.

But, I have to be honest: I’ve fallen out of love with it. Summer is our busiest time at work, so I figured once our season wrapped up in December that I’d hop back on the blogging bandwagon. That didn’t happen. I kept waiting for the spark to come back, but it just hasn’t.

When I started blogging, I wanted it to be all about the writing. While I continued to feel that way in my heart, it hasn’t always come through. I’m the kind of person that’s all or nothing: if I don’t want to give it my all, I don’t think it’s fair to keep you all on the leash. In a few words, I’m not going to close the blog, but I probably won’t be posting. It’s not one specific thing that happened. But I realized that I at least owed you all an explanation for my absence (and no, I’m not pregnant, since that’s the automatic assumption when bloggers disappear for a few weeks.)

I plan to continue to stay active on both Twitter and Instagram, if you’d like to join me on those sites.

I’m not going to say goodbye, but instead: see you later!

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