Everyday Cosplay: Amy Pond

January 14, 2015

For some reason unbeknownst to me, Netflix will no longer have beloved BBC shows like Doctor Who streaming after the end of the month. So, we’re currently in a race against the clock. Nick has watched almost six whole seasons of the show in about three weeks. Crazy, right?

In honor of Nick’s mad dash to catch up with me (I’m currently about two episodes into season seven), I had to do a post on the most fashionable companion I know: Amy Pond. While I’m watching the show, I’m constantly wishing I had access to Amy’s closet. She has an edge to her style, much like her personality, but can still rock skirts with the best of them.

Nick and I argue about Rose Tyler vs. Amy Pond. I maintain that Nick has to get through season six to truly love Amy, but he says that no one will ever be as great as Rose. I think I love Amy so much because she reminds me of myself: sassy and Scottish (descent, in my case.)

Everyday Cosplay: Amy Pond

(Since I realize that most of you probably have no idea what I’m talking about… GO WATCH DOCTOR WHO NOW.)

What TV show character’s wardrobe do you want to steal?

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